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Listen: First Nations “Medicine” on White Coat, Black Art

@NightShiftMD, Dr. Brian Goldman, tackled the issue of First Nations’ right to choose traditional treatments for themselves and their children with, I believe, the correct balance between respect and the need to ask tough questions. You can hear his conversations on the subject in the latest episode of CBC’s White Coat, Black Art. We are … Continue reading

Homeopathy Is Not Scientific

Homeopathy Is Not Scientific

The Prince Arthur Herald, a McGill University student publication, has just published a short piece I wrote on homeopathy. Here is an excerpt: “In the mid-2000s, semi-isolated acts of “suicide by homeopathy” were performed as demonstrations of the lack of efficacy of this antiquated belief system, culminating in the Liverpudlian 10:23 challenge which extended this act … Continue reading


Read: Yuan Tibet? Place Your Money Where Your Traditional Chinese Medicine Is

The James Randi of China? “A sceptic of traditional Chinese medicine is challenging practitioners of the age-old craft to prove themselves by putting his own money on the line. One has accepted the challenge. At stake is the claim that practitioners can discern whether a woman is pregnant by her pulse.” Way to go, Dr. … Continue reading

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Read: Dr. Harriet Hall Corrects What “Fed Up” Gets Wrong

The movie Fed Up, an advocacy documentary narrated by Katie Couric, is providing one more outlet for the people who love to demonize sugar. If only we removed sugar from our diet, we would all lose weight and be healthy. Does the evidence support this claim? No. Dr. Harriet Hall, blogging at Science-Based Medicine, has this to … Continue reading