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Read: Weight-Loss Pills on the Market and Their Downsides

Here’s an interesting look at the various weight-loss pills available on the market, published recently in the Montreal Gazette: “This benefit has to be weighed against the risks, which are considerable. Any pill that ‘boosts your metabolism’ will put more strain on your heart. Blunting appetite is all well and good until you realize that most … Continue reading

Pseudoscience / Science Education

Extenso: French-Language Resource for Questions on Nutrition

If you understand French and need an evidence-based resource to help navigate food-related pseudoscience, you may be interested in Extenso. I stumbled upon it recently and, while I have not looked at it thoroughly, a decent skimming of its short articles reassured me that this Université de Montréal project is based on solid science. They … Continue reading

Science Education

Quebec Government… Changes Its Mind

The Minister who had originally proclaimed that funding for French-language science communication aimed at Quebec youth would be dramatically axed has now announced that the financing will, after all, be maintained. No reason given to the change of heart. (Link in French) Thanks to everyone who signed the petition and to all of you … Continue reading