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Read: Dr. Harriet Hall Corrects What “Fed Up” Gets Wrong

The movie Fed Up, an advocacy documentary narrated by Katie Couric, is providing one more outlet for the people who love to demonize sugar. If only we removed sugar from our diet, we would all lose weight and be healthy. Does the evidence support this claim? No. Dr. Harriet Hall, blogging at Science-Based Medicine, has this to … Continue reading

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Are We Alone? Lorne #Trottier Symposium Next Week!

  The question being asked may be “Are We Alone?”, but I don’t think I will be alone Monday and Tuesday night, attending an all-new edition of the Lorne Trottier Public Science Symposium. Dr. Joe Schwarcz hosts a two-night event on the subject of life in the universe, with four qualified speakers: Jim Bell, Jill Tarter, Sarah … Continue reading

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Western Medicine Is Not Relative

A couple of weeks ago, the McGill Daily, a student newspaper aimed at the McGill University student body, published a mind-bogling article entitled “Decolonizing healthcare”. In it, its author clumsily argues that medicine is culture and that White people should stop imposing our beliefs in diagnostic tools and validated medical treatments on other ethnic groups. My … Continue reading