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Read: Vitamin D, Dementia, and the Missing Link

Do low levels of vitamin D increase your risk of developing dementia? From reading recent headlines, you might think it does. But what did the scientific study actually show? is a great resource to help separate facts from hype, and they most recently tackled the erroneous reporting that low levels of vitamin D cause dementia. Correlation, … Continue reading

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Read: The Food Babe’s Friends… and Critics

If you listen to my podcast, Within Reason, you know my thoughts on Vani Hari’s crusade against ingredients whose  names she can’t pronounce. On her blog,, she regularly commits logical fallacies in her attempt to “educate” the public on what constitutes healthy food. Kathleen Purvis of the Charlotte Observer recently wrote a fairly lengthy article addressing the … Continue reading


Read: The Med Student Who Wants to Bring Down Dr. Oz

A very interesting read. Some physicians have had enough of Dr. Oz’s pseudoscience and its effect on their patients. “‘Dr. Oz has something like 4-million viewers a day,’ Mazer told Vox. ‘The average physician doesn’t see a million patients in their lifetime. That’s why organized medicine should be taking action.’ “Last year, Mazer brought a policy … Continue reading

This Sunday: Funny You Should Think That!
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This Sunday: Funny You Should Think That!

A show of comedy, reason, and alcohol. FUNNY YOU SHOULD THINK THAT is a monthly event (intelligently) designed to make you laugh and think. Moutons No More takes to the stage with amazing guests to talk pseudoscience, lambast religion, and get you to think more critically. It’s like the Rolls Royce of Skeptics in the … Continue reading