All-Natural Vitamins (Now with Antibiotics! But Sssh! Don’t Tell Anyone!)

I hope readers of the blog will never utter the sentence, “It’s safe: it’s natural!” For one thing, snake venom is natural, but I have it on good authority that it’s not safe for consumption. For another, we know that so-called “natural products” do not undergo the more rigorous quality assurance/quality control process actual drugs … Continue reading

Science Criticism

Read: Margaret Wente on Why Nutrition Science Has Failed Us

A great piece in the Globe and Mail, brought to my attention by André Picard (@PicardonHealth), on vitamins, antioxidants, and other “scientifically-proven wundersupplements”. Are they worth the hype? “As Mr. Archer writes in an opinion piece published in The Scientist, “there is a large body of evidence demonstrating that the systematic misreporting of energy and macronutrient … Continue reading