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Quebec Government… Changes Its Mind

The Minister who had originally proclaimed that funding for French-language science communication aimed at Quebec youth would be dramatically axed has now announced that the financing will, after all, be maintained. No reason given to the change of heart. (Link in French) Thanks to everyone who signed the petition and to all of you … Continue reading

Funding for French-Language Public Science Education in Québec Dramatically Axed: You Can Help (Maybe)
Science Education

Funding for French-Language Public Science Education in Québec Dramatically Axed: You Can Help (Maybe)

The scythe of our provincial government has struck again and, this time, the cut is almost perfectly clean. Readers from outside Quebec may not be aware that our provincial government has been issuing major cuts in the past few months. On April 23rd, 2014, Philippe Couillard, head of the Liberal Party, became Prime Minister of … Continue reading

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Western Medicine Is Not Relative

A couple of weeks ago, the McGill Daily, a student newspaper aimed at the McGill University student body, published a mind-bogling article entitled “Decolonizing healthcare”. In it, its author clumsily argues that medicine is culture and that White people should stop imposing our beliefs in diagnostic tools and validated medical treatments on other ethnic groups. My … Continue reading

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Read: Vitamin D, Dementia, and the Missing Link

Do low levels of vitamin D increase your risk of developing dementia? From reading recent headlines, you might think it does. But what did the scientific study actually show? is a great resource to help separate facts from hype, and they most recently tackled the erroneous reporting that low levels of vitamin D cause dementia. Correlation, … Continue reading

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Read: What Did the Public Get from Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy

Via @CaulfieldTim, a very interesting article by David Kroll for Forbes on what the public understood from the well-publicized double mastectomy Angelina Jolie chose to undergo. Here’s a fascinating excerpt about the public’s perception of risks: “While the researchers addressed other issues, their most striking reminder on the overall impact of any health reporting relates … Continue reading