Follow-Up on the Hippocrates Health Institute: Lawsuits

Listeners of my podcast and followers of Canadian news in general will probably be familiar with the case of two First Nations girls with leukemia whose parents decided to have treated at a Florida massage establishment called The Hippocrates Health Institute. A judge recently declared that the girls could not be taken away from their parents, … Continue reading

Listen: Dr. Christopher Labos and I on the Rise of Integrative Medicine

Listen: Dr. Christopher Labos and I on the Rise of Integrative Medicine

This month, Within Reason tackles a scientific topic, so I can publicize it here! Woohoo! Would you like a side of magic with your chemo? Disproven folk remedies used to be the domain of snake oil salesmen; now, they are being integrated into university health centres. Jonathan speaks to Dr. Christopher Labos, a public science educator and … Continue reading

Pseudoscience / Science Education

Listen: First Nations “Medicine” on White Coat, Black Art

@NightShiftMD, Dr. Brian Goldman, tackled the issue of First Nations’ right to choose traditional treatments for themselves and their children with, I believe, the correct balance between respect and the need to ask tough questions. You can hear his conversations on the subject in the latest episode of CBC’s White Coat, Black Art. We are … Continue reading

Science Criticism

Listen: A Patient Cracking the Case of Evidence-Based Medicine

Another great episode of the CBC radio show White Coat Black Art with @NightShiftMD. Beth Daley Ullem, former case cracker at McKinsey & Company, remembers how she shopped for the right hospital to take care of her unborn son. Absolutely fascinating. All patients should have access to the data that Beth had, but that’s unfortunately not the … Continue reading

Pseudoscience / Science Criticism

Listen: Dr. Brian Goldman’s Soft Take on Alternative Medicine

Dr. Brian Goldman (@nightshiftmd), host of a great CBC radio show called White Coat Black Art that dares to pull back the curtain on the hidden world of medical practice, seems to be the latest victim of integrative medicine (IM). This IM movement has been gaining traction with Western physicians and medical institutions: many North American hospitals … Continue reading