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Listen: Dr. Brian Goldman’s Soft Take on Alternative Medicine

Dr. Brian Goldman (@nightshiftmd), host of a great CBC radio show called White Coat Black Art that dares to pull back the curtain on the hidden world of medical practice, seems to be the latest victim of integrative medicine (IM). This IM movement has been gaining traction with Western physicians and medical institutions: many North American hospitals … Continue reading


Read: The Med Student Who Wants to Bring Down Dr. Oz

A very interesting read. Some physicians have had enough of Dr. Oz’s pseudoscience and its effect on their patients. “‘Dr. Oz has something like 4-million viewers a day,’ Mazer told Vox. ‘The average physician doesn’t see a million patients in their lifetime. That’s why organized medicine should be taking action.’ “Last year, Mazer brought a policy … Continue reading

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Jargon: Differential diagnoses (The possible causes of a set of signs and symptoms)

Differential diagnoses: They are the possible causes of a set of signs and symptoms in medicine. An example of this can be found in Robert H. Seller’s book Differential diagnosis of common complaints. If a patient presents with bloating and flatulence, the author suggests the following differential diagnoses: 1. Excessive intestinal bacterial fermentation; 2. Increased … Continue reading

Unveiling Culprits, Part 2: The Hypnagogic Jab
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Unveiling Culprits, Part 2: The Hypnagogic Jab

As I write this, British multinational pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline is conducting a study in my backyard. No, there are no lab-coat-clad scientists bagging petunias in my garden. I don’t have a garden, much less a backyard. (And, for what it’s worth, I think “Bagging Petunias” would be an awesome band name) By backyard, I mean … Continue reading