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Read: Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science?

This is required reading, folks. “The ‘science communication problem,’ as it’s blandly called by the scientists who study it, has yielded abundant new research into how people decide what to believe—and why they so often don’t accept the scientific consensus. It’s not that they can’t grasp it, according to Dan Kahan of Yale University. In … Continue reading

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Western Medicine Is Not Relative

A couple of weeks ago, the McGill Daily, a student newspaper aimed at the McGill University student body, published a mind-bogling article entitled “Decolonizing healthcare”. In it, its author clumsily argues that medicine is culture and that White people should stop imposing our beliefs in diagnostic tools and validated medical treatments on other ethnic groups. My … Continue reading

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No truth for science, just the quest

In Karl Popper’s seminal book, The Logic of Scientific Discovery, the Austrian philosopher of science makes the case for deductive logic in the scientific enterprise. It is a challenging read, but I want to leave you with his last three paragraphs, which are more accessible and a beauty to read. Translation by the author with assistance … Continue reading

Book Review: Is That a Fact? by Dr. Joe Schwarcz
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Book Review: Is That a Fact? by Dr. Joe Schwarcz

Three words fly in my head in a tight formation, constantly looping back to my consciousness as I watch the video: “such a shame.” The video is one of the many amateurish agglomerations of stills and monotonous voice-over narration that seem to populate the skeptical trenches of YouTube. My friend Andrew, whom fans of our … Continue reading