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Read: Vermont’s Pro-Vaccine Position

The State of Vermont officially says “no” to philosophical objections to vaccination:

“Like most states, Vermont currently offers parents an exemption for medical conditions and one for religious beliefs. It has been one of about twenty states that allow for philosophical exemptions, and the majority of exemptions in Vermont have been for philosophical reasons.”

Vermont’s Governor has signed a piece of legislation that removes philosophical exemptions from its vaccination law.

You can read Michael Specter’s short article in The New Yorker here.

A parent choosing to exempt their child from vaccination for philosophical reasons is not unlike a company choosing to exempt themselves from carbon-cutting measures. It’s saying, “We don’t believe in the science; we believe in freedom for all no matter the consequences; and we will carry on being a danger to the world because of our scientific illiteracy.”

Vermont is taking a step in the right direction. Let’s see who follows.

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