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Read: Dr. Labos on Natural Health Products (in the National Post)

If the first episode of Dr. Labos’ and my new podcast, The Body of Evidence (also available on iTunes) failed to quench your thirst for knowledge on natural health products, I can now direct you to an article five months in the making that Dr. Labos finally managed to publish in The National Post:

“The response in Canada has been far more timid. Health Canada has a completely different approach to the regulation of natural health products. Unlike most countries, Canada has set up a process specifically to evaluate natural health products. Health Canada’s Natural Health and Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate has a mandate to check whether natural health products are safe and effective.

“In this respect, Canada is ahead of the curve, according to Jamie Williams, executive director of Bad Science Watch, a consumer protection and science advocacy organization. But, Williams says, ‘the approval process is laughable for the vast majority of products’.”

I encourage you to read the whole thing and see for yourself why we keep saying, “Who knows what’s inside if it’s natural?”

P.S.: Looking at the article on the National Post website, I’m feeling very uneasy about the Greeks all of a sudden. An article by a doctor of Greek descent, coupled with an ad for a Greek exhibition? The Greeks are invading! They’re everywhere! Hide the souvlaki!



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