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The Body of Evidence: Podcast and Radio Guest Appearance

Moutons No More

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Those of you who came to Funny You Should Think That! 10 last Saturday in the Old Port of Montreal were the first to witness the birth of a new Moutons No More production: a podcast called The Body of Evidence.

Dr. Christopher Labos, who was my guest on episode 204 of Within Reasonand I have joined forces on an all-new, monthly podcast that will demystify medical misconceptions for the public. As part of Moutons No More’s mandate to provide evidence-based entertainment, the podcast will be teeming with artistic talent. Every episode will begin with a stand-up comedian going out into the city and asking people the question of the month. The evidence behind the topic will be addressed by Dr. Christopher Labos and myself, through a dense cloud of bickering, bantering, and wittering; don’t worry if you can’t remember the bottom line, because we’ll repeat…

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