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Read: Weight-Loss Pills on the Market and Their Downsides

Here’s an interesting look at the various weight-loss pills available on the market, published recently in the Montreal Gazette:

“This benefit has to be weighed against the risks, which are considerable. Any pill that ‘boosts your metabolism’ will put more strain on your heart. Blunting appetite is all well and good until you realize that most people overeat for reasons that have nothing to do with hunger. And blocking fat absorptions sounds like a good idea until you get foul smelling diarrhea.”

This opinion piece has it all: drug names you can use playing Scrabble, science education, and the words “fecal incontinence”. It was also written by Dr. Christopher Labos, who was my guest on episode 205 of Within Reason, talking about the adoption of so-called alternative medical practices in hospitals.

You can read Dr. Labos’ Gazette article on weight-loss pills by clicking here.


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