Science Criticism

Listen / Watch: The Cost of Cancer Drugs

The only good drug is the one the patient can afford.

WNYC radio show and podcast extraordinaire RadioLab most recently did an episode entitled “Worth” in which the show’s hosts and producer investigated the worth of an extra year of human life. They stumbled upon a very interesting story centred on the cost of cancer drugs in the U.S.

Dr. Christopher Labos brought to my attention a recent report from 60 Minutes which discussed the same controversy (using much of the same interviewees, actually).

If you prefer to listen to a top-of-the-line aural production, check out “Worth” from RadioLab.

If you love the sound of a ticking stopwatch and like your journalism the old fashioned way, check out “The Cost of Cancer Drugs” on 60 Minutes.

Both are excellent.

And if you like getting your news from different sources, enjoy them both!

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