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Read: Dr. Harriet Hall Corrects What “Fed Up” Gets Wrong

The movie Fed Up, an advocacy documentary narrated by Katie Couric, is providing one more outlet for the people who love to demonize sugar. If only we removed sugar from our diet, we would all lose weight and be healthy.

Does the evidence support this claim? No.

Dr. Harriet Hall, blogging at Science-Based Medicine, has this to say:

“I think we can all agree that the typical American diet is not healthy. It provides too much processed food, convenience food, sodas, red meat, salt, sugars, and calories; and it is deficient in fruits, vegetables, and fiber. Sugar is only one part of the obesity problem, a part that may be due to its contribution to total calorie intake rather than anything inherently bad about sugar. No one would argue that we shouldn’t try to reduce sugar consumption; the question is how to accomplish that.”

I would encourage you to read the whole thing here.



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