Read and Watch: Dr. Oz and the Senator Who Finally Confronted Him

There isn’t much to say.

Science-Based Medicine is an excellent medical blog and they do a great job of summarizing what happened when Dr. Oz, purveyor of miracle weight loss supplements, got grilled by Senator McCaskill on the topic of weight loss scam.

There is even a clip of it from C-SPAN. And yes. It makes C-SPAN worth watching.

2 thoughts on “Read and Watch: Dr. Oz and the Senator Who Finally Confronted Him

  1. Dr. Oz grilled in front of Senators about the “Dr. Oz Effect.”

    When money is involved, it tempts the best of us.

    I remember seeing General Collin Powel on “60 Minutes” on CBS. He was a speaker on tour speaking about how great was living the American life-style. Powell was paid an enormous speaker’s fee. You could hear in the words spoken a line of exaggerations and hype there were embarrassing to hear from someone of his stature.

    It was the fee he was paid that encouraged Powell to do it. I would do just the same kind of speech given that task and the money.

    Dr. Oz is a good man who has to fill his daily television hours with content to keep the show on the air. Sometimes it’s exaggerations he presents.

    Look what happened last week to Arsenio Hall’s nightly show? His show was full of great interviews that musicians and entertainers liked a lot, but I guess not the general public too much. Not enough ratings and money was being made to keep Arsenio’s show going. I wonder if Arsenio exaggerated themes a little more if he could have remained on the air?

    • “When money is involved, it tempts the best of us.”

      … which is why it is so important to have checks and balances in place to keep people like him from driving off the road and taking desperate people with them.

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