Science Education

Attend: The Amazing World of Placebos

A potentially really cool event is taking place at the Gelber Centre in Côte-des-Neiges on May 14 at 19:00.

Dr. Amir Raz will be presenting the documentary Mind Over Medicine and following it up with a discussion on placebos.

How strong is the placebo effect? What about the nocebo effect? Does the placebo effect really exist or is it an artefact of poor methodology?

This promises to be an educational night for those of us interested in medicine, rationality, and even ethics!

This event is not organized by Moutons No More, but we are putting together a Meetup around it as the topic will be of interest to skeptics, rationalists, and science lovers of all creeds.

The cost is 18$ and you must reserve a seat by calling 514-342-1234 extension 7365. You cannot reserve a ticket through Meetup or through this blog!

We hope to see you there! If the event finishes at a reasonable time, we MNMs might host a little post-talk discussion in a nearby coffee shop. To make sure we find each other, make sure to RSVP on the Moutons No More Meetup page (and while you’re at it, you’ll be kept in the loop when our Funny You Should Think That! live event happens every month).


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