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CRTKL Follow-up: The Videos You Didn’t Get to See

First of all, I want to thank everyone who came to the “Critical Reasoning Tool Kit Lecture” last night at McGill University. I received great feedback from the people who came to see me afterwards and it was particularly stimulating for me to be talking about critical thinking to people outside of the usual local freethought associations as well.

Due to me forgetting to hook an audio cable up to my laptop, two of the videos I wanted to see were skipped. If you wanted to watch them, here they are:

1. THAT MITCHELL AND WEBB LOOK: What if homeopathy was common practice in hospitals?

A priceless sketch that will help drive last night’s point home:



A very engaging and easy-to-understand explanation of vaccination:


I will be posting video excerpts from my talk shortly. Subscribe to this blog to be kept in the loop, and check out Moutons No More on either Facebook or!

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