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The Time Machine: Definitions, Dominance, Darwinism, and Eye-Related Drivel

The next month promises to be fairly intense: I am giving a talk very soon, Moutons No More is planning its first live event in Montreal, and I am preparing a first for the blog.

If you are bored in April and want to nourish your mind, might I recommend the following?

– What’s the difference between a disease and an illness, or is there any? And what’s a syndrome? Clarify your thoughts by reading “Disordered Diseases of Ill Infections: Demystifying Medical Definitions”.

– Genetics is much more complex than “my mommy had it, therefore she gave it to me”. Read about penetrance, dominance and sex linkage (oh my!) without having to visit a sex shop! The article is called “Inheriting Is a Complex Business: Penetrance, Dominance, and Sex Linkage”.

– Who’s actually doing science and who’s merely pretending to? Check out my tribute to Darwin Day entitled “What It Means to Be a Scientist”.

– Pseudoscience in optometry? Can you spot it from a distance? Read my article entitled “Seeing Without Glasses or How Nonsense Looks Credible from a Distance”.

And don’t forget to check out the podcast, Within Reason, and like Moutons No More on Facebook. Get ready, Montreal. Reason is coming for you.

(Feature picture by yours truly. All rights reserved.)

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