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Read: A Synopsis of What Just May Be an Evidence-Based Diet Book

Disclaimer: I have not read the book itself.

If you want to lose weight and are looking for a sustainable way based on sound evidence, then Dr. Yoni Freedhoff’s latest book entitled The Diet Fix may be what you need to read.

I found a great synopsis of the main arguments made by its author on the always amazing blog Science-Based Medicine. Here is an excerpt of that summary:

The Diet Fix is an oddity among the diet books you’ll find in bookstores. There are no outlandish promises, no strict dietary rules, no excessive exercise, and no recommendations for supplements and potions. I doubt we’ll see Dr. Freedhoff’s book profiled on Dr. Oz. And that’s a shame because this book deserves a wide audience, especially to those that have struggled and failed on the types of weight loss strategies that Dr. Oz loves to tout. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Diet Fix as a science-based guide for anyone that seeking credible and sustainable advice on permanent weight loss.”

Hard-core skeptics are already complaining that Dr. Freehoff uses marketing gimmicks, such as giving flashy names to steps in the plan (like “The Ten Day Reset”); this may simply be the lesser of many evils as the lifestyle he advocates deserves a good sell. If you want to hear more on this topic, I strongly suggest listening to episode 103 of my podcast, Within Reason, in which I sat down with Timothy Caulfield to discuss the best ways in which to be healthy.

For a taste of Dr. Freedhoff’s book, check out the Science-Based Medicine coverage here.

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