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I am proud to announce the creation of something very special which encompasses this blog and much, much more. Have a look at our press release below (in both English… and French! Eh oui!), which is followed by a short ad for episode 104 of our podcast, Within Reason.


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Pray now. Think this. Do as I say.

Are you a sheep? the victim of wishful thinking? Don’t you want to start living in the real world?

We are Moutons No More, a Montreal-based production collective dealing in rationality. We act as producers of multimedia content and hosts of events, all under a common umbrella. By following Moutons No More, you can learn about science, listen to voices of reason on contentious issues, see the paranormal debunked before your very eyes, and watch grounded takes on the irrationality that surrounds us. And you get to learn about amazingly cool events happening in your own backyard that make “reason” funny and sexy.

Read us. Watch us. Listen to us. Come see us. We’ll show you how to think.

Start thinking for yourself and be a mouton… no more!

The newsfeed for all of our content and events (including this blog) can be found on Facebook by typing “Moutons No More” into its search bar. The Cracked Science Facebook page will be removed in a month. Don’t worry: the blog stays where it is. However, if you love this blog and want more, check out Moutons No More.


Pense à ça, toi là! Fais ce qu’on te dit! Prie maintenant!

Es-tu un mouton? Prends-tu tes désirs pour la réalité? N’as-tu pas envie de  commencer à vivre dans le vrai monde?

Nous sommes Moutons No More, un collectif de production établi à Montréal qui se spécialise en rationalité. Nous sommes producteurs de contenu multimédia et créateurs d’événements, tous sous une égide commune. En suivant Moutons No More, tu vas enrichir ton savoir scientifique, entendre des points de vue sensés sur des sujets controversés, voir le paranormal discrédité sous tes propres yeux et visionner des vidéos d’un point de vue terre à terre qui critiquent l’irrationalité qui nous entoure. Tout ça en te gardant informé sur les événements branchés qui se passent dans ta ville. Qui dit qu’on ne peut pas être drôle et sexy tout en étant raisonnable?

Viens nous lire. Viens nous écouter. Viens nous voir. On va te montrer comment bien penser.

Commence à penser par toi-même et sois mouton… no more!


Within Reason Season 1 Logo 600

Are you a boy or a girl? On this month’s episode of Within Reason, Andrew Cody and I explore gender identity with paediatrician Dr. Shuvo Ghosh. It’s an enlightening discussion that should be preceded by an “air quote” warning. Then, Andrew has a conversation with Chase, trans man extraordinaire, and the two bond over hockey. Also, Andrew starts to lose it when his entire glossary has to be thrown out. O New Words, Where Are Ye?. It’s a queer-centric episode and we wouldn’t have it any other way. To listen to the podcast, go to or find it on iTunes!

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