Read: This Mom Was ‘Anti-Vaccination’ (Until She Went Hunting for Evidence)

What a compelling read.

If you are a mother who believes vaccination is unnatural, I implore you to read this fantastic article by Megan Sandlin who used to be in your shoes. Don’t want to hear about vaccines from a skeptical guy who doesn’t have a child? How about from a mom with two kids who was part of the “crunchy” parenting community?

“So I did a Google search for “vaccine ingredients” and was shocked by what I found. Could there really be all of these nasty-sounding ingredients in vaccines, I wondered? I went to the CDC’s website and found package inserts. I didn’t understand much of what I read, but it did sound pretty scary. I looked up the prevalence of diseases today and realized that nobody had even caught diphtheria for years! I was confused, and my daughter’s six-month check up was coming up. I opted out of vaccines then, telling the doctor I wanted to do some more research before we went any further.”

Please, go read the entire (and pretty short) article here.

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