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Anti-Oxidants, Miracle Diets, and the Magic of Yoga: How to Be Fit and Healthy According to Science

As you may or may not know, I host a monthly podcast, Within Reason, with a fellow Montreal-based skeptic, Andrew Cody.

This month, on Within Reason, your monthly rational podcast on contentious issues, we tackle the pernicious myths surrounding the fitness industry. Can you lose weight permanently? Do you deserve an after-run muffin and latte? Should you stretch before your workout? Law professor and author of the book “The Cure for Everything!”, Timothy Caulfield, answers these health and fitness questions using the most occult of concepts: science. Back in the studio, we talk about who is John Galt, direct-to-consumer genetic testing, and “cut children”. If you attend McGill University, you may want to pay attention to our ultra-secret mystery guest. Do you have a podcast? Start recording it standing up! It’s healthier! #StandUp4Podcasting.

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Within Reason. Goodbye, fantasy; hello, reality.

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