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Need Rescuing from Wishful Thinking? Try the Within Reason Podcast on for Size

(A little bit of cross-promotion. If you like my writing, you may also enjoy my voice)

MONTREAL, Canada – November 18, 2013 – We all know that ghosts are real, homeopathy works, and the Judeo-Christian god created the whole universe in six days and rested on the seventh despite his omnipotence. Why do we know these claims are true? Because we wish them to be and, therefore, they become true. And because we stand to lose a lot—our convictions, our confidence, our community—by questioning them. Enough.

The time has come to blow away the comforting fog which surrounds contentious issues of all ilks, and Canadian skeptics Jonathan Jarry and Andrew Cody are bringing a monthly bundle of reason to your ears: Within Reason, the podcast which takes a rational look at controversial issues.

Why do so few North Americans accept the theory of biological evolution? Is there any truth behind the billion-dollar fitness industry? Is secularism government-imposed atheism? Jonathan Jarry discusses these questions with voices of reason who look at the evidence behind extraordinary claims and emotionally charged topics. These conversations are followed by an off-the-cuff, sometimes hard-hitting, often times chuckle-inducing commentary with freethinker Andrew Cody. Just because they try to be reasonable doesn’t mean they have to be dead serious.

Learn how you too can teach evolution using LEGO blocks; why denialists will have dirty fingers when they come about; how many calories you consume from that after-run, “I deserve it” muffin and latte; and much, much more. All of this, plus book suggestions, impersonations, and a mind-opening experience.

Within Reason. Goodbye, fantasy; hello, reality.

On the first episode, the topic of evolution versus creationism with guests Dr. Eugenie Scott, the executive director of the National Centre for Science Education in the United States, and Sarah Bean, a Canadian teacher in the department of anthropology at John Abbott College. This monthly podcast is available right now at You can subscribe to it on the podcast website as well as stream or download the podcast as you wish. Within Reason is also available for free on iTunes by clicking here. It will be searchable within iTunes later this week. Subscribe, listen, comment, and rate!

Jonathan Jarry is a biological scientist. He is the creator and author of the public science blog Cracked Science ( on which he has written about Sherlock Holmes, Avogadro’s number, and giant bats. He has also helped to characterize a new form of muscular dystrophy and spent many years in a clinical laboratory, designing assays and managing rapid-turnover diagnostic tests which allow physicians to make informed decisions regarding cancer patient care. He is a rationalist who believes each and every person should be empowered with the necessary knowledge to make rational, informed decisions about their health and the world around them. He can be followed on Twitter @crackedscience.

Andrew Cody studied anthropology and Middle Eastern archaeology at Wilfrid Laurier University and would be the president emeritus of the Christopher Hitchens International Fan Club if such an organization existed. He is passionate about freethought, rational thinking, atheism, and scotch whisky.

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